LSCPD Security Patrol



Metro Security Utilizes "GuardTrax" GPS software to monitor the security patrols every move. 

The LSCPD has access to the "GuardTrax" software to review Metro Security's patrols and performance.

Above is an example of GuardTraxs reporting capabilities. Picture is for reference only and is not a graphic of the LSCPD patrol area.

Above is a screenshot of the GuardTrax software showing Metro Security’s GPS tracking and RFID Checkpoint information.

Metro Security has historically provided the Board of Commissioners of the LSCPD with a detailed record of  all reports made within East and West Lakeshore. This report is provided by Metro at all quarterly meetings
The LCPD. The Board has decided to make these reports available to the residents of East and West Lakshore.
If any resident desires a copy of the Metro report please contact Byron Casey at 259-8438.